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Teaching & Supervision 

Postgraduate Taught Courses


EH401 ‘Historical Analysis of Economic Change’ 2022-2024 (LSE)

Taught three classes on the compulsory introductory MSc course in economic history. The course provides a survey of themes and methods in Economic history.


EH483 ‘The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries’ 2022-2023 (LSE)

Taught two classes on a year-long survey course on economic history from 1800 to the present period. The course covers topics in historical geography as well as financial and business history.



Undergraduate Taught Courses


EH237 ‘Theories and Evidence in Economic History’ 2022-2024 (LSE)

Taught 4 classes on this course which teaches students how to conduct, evaluate and interpret research in economic history. Students are expected to undertake three small research projects over the full year course, including working with primary sources.


EH211 ‘Africa and the World Economy’ 2019-2022 (LSE) 

Taught three classes on the Economic history of African states between 1500-2000 A.D, including a focus on North, South and Sub-Saharan African economic history. Topics include the impact of Islamic laws on trade, state-building and slavery.


EH102 ‘Pre-industrial Economic History’ 2020-2021

Taught two classes for a compulsory survey course for first-year students on Pre-industrial Economic History of Europe between 1000-1850 A.D



Dissertation Supervision


EH498/9 MSc Dissertations

Supervised 13 MSc dissertations where students are expected to conduct and write an independent research project in economic history.



EH390 BSc Dissertations

Supervised 7 BSc dissertations where students are expected to conduct and write up and independent research project in economic history.




Additional Teaching Experience


Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA) | LSE Eden Centre | 2020-2021 

Modules included creative pedagogies and course design 

Mentor for GTA Training Scheme programme 2020-2022

Mentored three incoming GTAs on class teaching for the department.


Digital Disciplinary GTA (Assisted in coordinating Online Teaching), LSE 2020-2021

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