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Graduate Teaching Assistant 

EH211: Africa and the World Economy 1500-2000, LSE     (2019-2022)

Course Convener: Dr. Leigh Gardner, LSE

Teaching 2-3 classes per year from 2019-Present

Typical class size: 15-20 students

This course is for second-year students of economic history, providing an in-depth understanding of African economic development from 1500-2000. The course has recently been changed to include greater regional focus on North and Southern African economic history.

EH102: Pre-industrial Economic History, LSE   |   (2020-2021) 

Course Convener: Dr. Jordan Claridge, LSE

Taught 2 classes

Typical class size: 15 students 

This is a compulsory survey course for First-year students on pre-industrial economic history. It introduces important core topics in economic history framed in the context of the Great Divergence debate, largely focusing on the European experience. 

To see my teaching evaluations for the 2020-2021 academic year, click here.

Teaching Qualifications & Other Roles

Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA) | LSE Eden Centre | 2020-2021 

Completed modules in course design as well as incorporating creative teaching methods

Mentor for GTA Training scheme| Economic History dept., LSE | 2020-2022

Trained incoming teachers on classroom management and expectations

Digital Disciplinary GTA | LSE | 2020-2021

Assisted in coordinating online teaching within the department when more classes went online.

Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) | LSE Eden Centre | 2019-2020​

Completed modules in classroom management, teaching small and large groups and teaching evaluation.

Research Assistant | Innovative Teaching Grant | December 2018

Assisted on  a funded project on research on innovative teaching with technology. 

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