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Workshop/Seminar Organiser

LSE Graduate Seminar (Lent term 2022)

This weekly seminar is for graduate  students to receive feedback on work at an advanced stage of development. The seminar is open to a wide range of topics related to the field of economic history, and is widely attended by department faculty.  Link to the webpage is here.

South Asia Economic History Workshop, LSE (2021)

This is annual day-long workshop is designed to give academics of South Asian economic history an opportunity to discuss and collaborate their work with one another. The theme of the 2021 workshop is South Asia through a Global Lens, where we look at the role of South Asia in understanding global economic history. For the workshop, we organise a panel discussion with participation of important academics.  Link to the webpage can be found here.

Asia Economic History Seminar Series, LSE (2018-Present)

This monthly seminar series is designed for scholars studying Asian economic history to present works in progress to an audience familiar with the field. The conference was founded and is run entirely by current and former PhD students of the department. As one of the founding members of the series, I have been involved in running the conference since 2018-present.  Link to the webpage can be found here.

Conferences & Seminars

XIX World Economic History Congress, Paris (2022) upcoming

Invited to present Rural and Environmental History Seminar, Wageningen University (2022) upcoming

EHS Conference New Researcher Session, Cambridge University (2022) upcoming

Oxford Graduate Seminar in Economic and Social History, Oxford University (2021)

Asia Economic History Seminar Series, LSE (2021)

Social Science History Association Conference, Philadelphia (2021)

Invited to talk on ‘Conflict and State Development’ by the LSESU EH Society (2021)

Indian Business and Economic History Conference, IMM Ahmadabad (2021)

CAGE Summer School - Economic Growth and Development, Warwick University (2021)

Sowing the Seeds Workshop, LSE (2021)

EHS Conference Poster Presentation, Warwick University (2021)

LSE Graduate Seminar series, LSE (2020)

EHS Residential Training Course, Economic History Society (2020)

South Asia Network seminar series, LSE (2018)

Awards & Funding

EHS Research Fund for Graduate Students (2021)


EHS Conference Poster Prize (2021)


Radwan Travel and Discovery Fund (2021)


EHS Bursary (2020)


LSE Research Festival Poster Competition Finalist (2020)


Awarded Student Advisor of the Year, City University London Student Union (2016)

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