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Publications &
Work in Progress


“State of Forgiveness: Cooperation, Conciliation and State Capacity in Mughal South Asia (1556-1707).” Economic History Review (Early View) (2023)  Link here


Dissertation Abstract: “Evolutionary Empire: Demystifying State Formation in Mughal South Asia (1556-1707),” European Review of Economic History as part of Gino Luzzatto Prize (2023) (Forthcoming)

Works in Progress

Book Project (near completion - final edits on full manuscript before submission to Cambridge University Press): Evolutionary Empire: Demystifying Mughal State Development in Mughal South Asia


“Changing Fortunes: Social Mobility in the Mughal State Apparatus in the 17th century” 


“Climate, Conflict and the Mughal State – Reassessing Causes of Decline.”


“Taming the Periphery: Comparison of the Mughal, Ottoman and Qing States.” Co-authored with Dr. Yasin Arslantas and Dr. Ziang Liu. Planned Submission to Journal of Global History

Blog Posts

“What Rebel Forgiveness in the Mughal State teaches us about State Capacity” published in the EHS Blog, The Long Run: Link here


“Climate Change and Rebellion in Mughal India” published in the LSE Economic History Blog (2022) Link here

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